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10 CC

The Complete Hit-Album

10 CC

The Complete Hit-Album

Država: Nizozemska

Godina: 1985.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: ADEH 173

Stanje omota: 9

Stanje medija: 10

Cijena: 5,90 €
(~44,45 kn)


A1 Feel The Love
A2 Dreadlock Holiday
A3 For You And I
A4 Don Turn Me Away
A5 The Things We Do For Love
A6 Good Morning Judge
A7 Silly Love
A8 Life Is A Minestrone
B1 The Wall Street Shuffle
B2 Donna
B3 Im Not In Love
B4 Art For Arts Sake
B5 One Two Five
B6 Don Ask
B7 Im Mandy Fly Me
B8 Food For Thought