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The Best of the Animals


The Best of the Animals

Stanje: Rabljeno

Medij: Audio CD

Broj komada: 2CD

Rabljeno stanje

Cijena: 199,00 kn

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1. I’m mad again
2. Roadrunner
3. Boom Boom
4. I’m in love again
5. Bury my body
6. Mess around
7. Let the good times roll
8. She said yeah
9. Around and around
10. I ain’t got you
11. Roberta
12. Worried lives blues
13. I believe to my soul
14. Hallelujah, I love her so
15. How you’ve changed
16. I’ve been around

1. House of the rising sun
2. It’s my life
3. Don’t let me be missunderstood
4. Bring it on home
5. Gonna send you back to walker
6. Far miss Caulker
7. We’ve gotta get out of this place
8. Let the good times roll
9. I’m crying
10. The right time
11. Baby let me take you home
12. Dimples
13. Club a gogo
14. Take it easy
15. I can’t believe it
16. Bright lights big city