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Into The Woods


Into The Woods

Država: Njemačka

Godina: 1987.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: 960 739-1

Stanje omota: 8

Stanje medija: 10

Cijena: 129,00 kn


A1 I Don Wanna 5:15
A2 In The River 4:04
A3 It Could Have Been Me 4:38
A4 The Woods 5:10
B1 Day Or Night 4:12
B2 Memory 4:05
B3 Too Many Tears 4:24
B4 Expecting 4:54
B5 Walk Walk 5:00

Mastered By – Stephen Marcussen
Producer – Call, The, Don Smith, Michael Been

Recorded at A & M, One On One, Rumbo and Convay Studios, LA. Mastered by Precision Lacquer, L.A. Published by (G.B.only) 1-4, 1-5 Warner Bros. Music Ltd. (P)(C) 1987.