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Mob Rules The World


Mob Rules The World

Država: Njemačka

Godina: 1990.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: 211 188

Stanje omota: 9

Stanje medija: 10

Cijena: 23,90 €
(~180,07 kn)


A1 Just A Man 3:47
A2 Mob Rules The World 5:45
A3 Looking For Someone 5:01
A4 Got To Believe In Love 3:52
A5 Dreamin’ 4:54
B1 No More Excuses 5:16
B2 Centaur 5:09
B3 Take Me This Way 4:22
B4 Right In Time 5:06

Bass – Marcus Lenzen
Drums – Reiner Schützler
Guitar – Christian Peters, Stefan Lohmann
Keyboards – Christoph Weiß
Vocals – Rainer Küppers

Produced by Pete Stabenow
Assisted by Rainer Küppers & T.C.
Recorded & mixed at Phoenix Studios, Herne West Germany
All songs composed and arranged by Centaur