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A1 Johnny B. Goode 2:38
A2 Roll Over Beethoven 2:23
A3 School Days 2:43
A4 Maybelline 2:18
A5 Rock And Roll Music 2:30
A6 Oh Baby Doll 2:35
A7 Too Much Monkey Business 2:55
A8 Carol 2:46
A9 Let It Rock 1:42
A10 Sweet Little RockN Roller 2:20
B1 My Ding-A-Ling 4:19
B2 Reelin And Rockin 3:15
B3 No Particular Place To Go 2:44
B4 Sweet Little Sixteen 3:01
B5 Little Queenie 2:36
B6 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 2:15
B7 Nadine 2:30
B8 To Pooped To Pop 2:30
B9 Back In The USA 2:26
B10 Bye Bye Johnny 2:04