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Wet noses and fuzzy bellies

Jane Burton, Autor


Wet noses and fuzzy bellies

Autor: Jane Burton

Stanje: Rabljeno

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 33x24

Izdavač: Italy

Godina: 2019.

Stranica: 221

Jezik: Engleski

Rabljeno stanje

Cijena: 12,90 €
(~97,20 kn)


The diminutive size, vulnerability, and light-hearted playfulness of puppies evoke the same sort of loving and protective response as we have for human children. This lavish, large-format volume zooms in on the behaviour, poses, and facial expressions of our cuddliest canine friends. Juvenile dog lovers of every age will love its expert studio portraiture, featuring adorable cuties from dozens of breeds nuzzling their mothers, romping with siblings, blithely exploring their surroundings, and yipping with curiosity and delight.