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1-A Shot Full Of Love
Written By – Bob McDill

2-A You Know Me
Written By – Gary Nicholson, Johnny Lee

3-A Come As You Were
Written By – Paul Craft

4-A The Deeper We Fall
Written By – Gary Nicholson, Wayland Holyfield

5-A Ill Take Your Love Anytime
Written By – Charlie Block, Tommy Rocco

1-B Cherokee Fiddle
Written By – Michael Murphey

2-B Its Up To You
Written By – Jerry Fuller

3-B Just Like Old Times
Written By – Deborah Allen, Rafe VanHay

4-B Loving You Is Just An Old Habit
Written By – Jim Weatherly

5-B Sounds Like Love
Written By – Charlie Black, Tommy Rocco

Companies etc
Pressed By – Jugoton

Produced by Jim Ed Norman for Hin-Jen Productions