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Living to tell the tale

Marquez Gabriel Garcia, Autor

Living to tell the tale

Autor: Marquez Gabriel Garcia

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 24x17

Izdavač: AA

Godina: 2003.

Stranica: 484

Jezik: Engleski

Cijena: 99,00 kn


He is perhaps the most acclaimed, revered and widely read writer of our time, and in this first volume of a planned trilogy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez begins to tell the story of his life. Living to Tell the Tale spans Marquez’s life from his birth in 1927 through the beginning of his career as a writer to the moment in the 1950s when he proposed to the woman who would become his wife. It is a tale of people, places and events as they occur to him: family, work, politics, books and music, his beloved Colombia, parts of his history until now undisclosed and incidents that would later appear, transmuted and transposed in his fiction. A vivid, powerful, beguiling memoir that gives us the formation of Marquez as a writer and as a man.