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The Complete Paintings of Piero della Francesca

Pierluigi de Vecchi, Autor

Stanje: Rabljeno

Uvez: Meki

Format: 31x24

Izdavač: Penguin Books

Godina: 1985.

Stranica: 112

Jezik: Engleski

Rabljeno stanje

Cijena: 29,00 kn


John Berger Diero della Francesca (1415 / 2o-92) came from Sansepolcro, near Florence, and is now, after centuries of neglect, among our most popular painters. He worked very slowly, and was a gifted mathematician as well as painter, bringing to this art a combination of science and spirit, gravity and brilliant light, unique in the history of painting. His contemporary Pacioli called him the Monarch of painting’, and his masterpieces, particularly the frescoes at the Church of S. Francesco in Arezzo, are worlds in themselves; not dramatic or emotionally demonstrative, but containing a completeness of perspective, a richness of colour and meaning that still strike us as revelatory. As one modern critic put it, ‘No artist — without pathetic appeal, without recourse to sentimental means, restricting himself to a scrupulous impersonality — has ever achieved work so complex, so absolute, so valid, so convincing; no artist has ever found a grander, more changeless kingdom.’