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Finding your happy place

Willison H. D., Autor

Finding your happy place

Autor: Willison H. D.

Stanje: Novo

Uvez: Meki

Format: 20x14

Izdavač: Poland

Godina: 2020.

Stranica: 427

Jezik: Engleski

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Cijena: 49,00 kn


Darin and Rinloh return, venturing through regions, beautiful and dangerous, in an all-new adventure.

A magic artifact casts a shadow, mysterious and dark, revealing perilous paths for both. Their quests lead them to a village of goblins deep in a swamp where monstrous insects ruin more than just your picnic. A tropical island paradise seems a little too good to be true. And will an encounter with a harpy flock even more ruthless than Rinloh’s own put Darin squarely on the “catch of the day” menu?

The magical world of Arvia, where friendship is the greatest treasure, and humans are anything but “large and in charge.”

Finding Your Harpy Place, an all-new fantasy adventure. Available as hardcover, paperback or ebook. Written for adult readers, may be enjoyed independently of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep.