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Ray Charles

The gold collection: 40 classic performances

Ray Charles

The gold collection: 40 classic performances

Stanje: Rabljeno

Godina: 1995.

Medij: Audio CD

Broj komada: 2CD

Rabljeno stanje

Cijena: 69,00 kn


1-1 Let The Good Times Roll
1-2 Georgia On My Mind
1-3 I Believe To My Soul
1-4 Come Rain Or Come Shine
1-5 Hallelujah, I Love Her So
1-6 Alexanders Ragtime Band
1-7 Im Gonna Move To The Outskirts
1-8 Hit The Road Jack
1-9 Margie
1-10 I Wonder
1-11 Whatd I Say
1-12 All To Myself Alone
1-13 Aint That Fine
1-14 Hey Now
1-15 Ray Charles Blues
1-16 Sitting On Top Of The World
1-17 Im Glad For Your Sake
1-18 Theyre Crazy About Me
1-19 Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
1-20 Snow Is Fallin

Disk 2
2-1 Baby Wont You Please Come Home
2-2 The Ego Song
2-3 You Always Miss The Water
2-4 I Will Not Let You Go
2-5 What Have I Done
2-6 C.C. Rider
2-7 Goin Down Slow
2-8 Honey Honey
2-9 Cant You See Darlin
2-10 I Wonder Whos Kissing Her Now
2-11 Shes On The Ball
2-12 If I Give You My Love
2-13 Im Going Down To The River
2-14 Lets Have A Ball
2-15 A Sentimental Blues
2-16 I Used To Be So Happy
2-17 Rockin Chair Blues
2-18 This Love Of Mine
2-19 St Petes Blues
2-20 Blues Is My Middle Name