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Sisman Robyn, Autor

Weekend in Paris

Autor: Sisman Robyn

Weekend in Paris

Format: 20x13

Izdavač: Penguin Books

Stranica: 392

Jezik: Engleski

Cijena: 49,00 kn

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One Friday afternoon Molly Clearwater walks out of her job, smarting from her boss’s taunt that she is ‘just a stupid secretary’. Twenty-one, a country girl who has lived her life mainly through the pages of books and in her own imagination. she feels that nothing exciting has ever hapened to her, or ever will.

On impulse Molly boards the Eurostar to Paris, emerging into a bewitching world of leafy boulevards, luscious foods, crazy traffic and smouldering Frenchmen. Within hours she’s racing along the Seine on the back of a scooter, infiltrating a conference in a Cleopatra wig, caught up in a roller-blade chase, and tingling with love at the sight of Fabrice, with whom she shares her deepest, darkest secret.