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Warriors of Medieval Japan

Stephen Turnbull, Autor

Warriors of Medieval Japan

Autor: Stephen Turnbull

Stanje: Novo

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 29x21

Izdavač: USA

Godina: 2005.

Stranica: 288

Jezik: Engleski

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Cijena: 19,90 €
(~149,94 kn)


Combines material previously published as Warrior 29: Ashigaru 1467-1649, Warrior 64: Ninja AD 1460-1650, Warrior 70: Japanese Warrior Monks AD 949-1603, with a new section on Samurai, new images, and a new introduction and conclusion. Driven by strict codes of honour and bound by deep allegiances of rank, family or religion, the elite warriors of medieval Japan were bold fighters, loyal comrades and deadly enemies, With rare material from Japanese sources and lavish artwork and photography, this book examines the military lives, beliefs and battle experience of four formidable warrior types – samurai, ninja, warrior monk and ashigaru foot soldier – resulting in a highly authoritative account of Japan’s warrior elite.