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Thelma Houston

Thelma Houston

Thelma Houston

Thelma Houston

Država: Njemačka

Godina: 1972.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: 1C 062-94 056

Stanje omota: 9

Stanje medija: 9

Cijena: 79,00 kn


A1 No Ones Gonna Be A Fool Forever
A2 Black California
A3 I Aint Going Nowhere
A4 Nothing Left To Give
A5 Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
A6 Blackberries
A7 And I Thought You Loved Me
B1 I Aint That Easy To Lose
B2 What If
B3 Theres No Such Thing As Love
B4 Me And Bobby McGee
B5 Im Letting Go
B6 Do Something About It
B7 And I Never Did

Producer – Joe Porter

NOTE – German Release, tracklisting differs to the similar looking USA issue.