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Istria & Kvarner

Wine stories

Željko Garmaz, Autor

Istria & Kvarner

Wine stories

Autor: Željko Garmaz

Stanje: Novo

Uvez: Meki

Format: 24x17

Godina: 2019.

Stranica: 443

Jezik: Engleski

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Cijena: 129,00 kn


Wine Stories: Istria & Kvarner, by Željko Garmaz, a journalist and wine and travel author Stories about 60 winemakers from Istria and Kvarner. You will be “fascinated that Garmaz brought together a variety of hardworking, happy and smiling people. That contagious smile can be smelled and picked off their vines and decanted abundantly from the pages of this dreamy and sensory travelogue.” Shipping included.