Antikvarijat, knjige, gramofonske ploče, udžbenici, polovne knjige

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Država: Australija

Godina: 1989.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: EPC 463447 1

Stanje omota: 9

Stanje medija: 10

Cijena: 69,00 kn


A1 Best Of What I Got 4:39
A2 Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word 4:45
A3 Possession 5:08
A4 Forget Me Not 4:55
A5 When I See You Smile 4:17
A6 Tough Times Dont Last 4:40
B1 Ghost In Your Heart 4:43
B2 Price Of Love 4:46
B3 Ready When You Are 4:19
B4 Lay Down 4:36
B5 The Restless Ones 5:24
B6 Rockin Horse 5:28
B7 Dont Walk Away 4:30

Bass – Ricky Phillips
Drums – Deen Castronovo
Guitar, Vocals – Neal Schon
Keyboards – Jonathan Cain
Producer – Richie Zito
Vocals – John Waite