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A1 Behind Closed Doors

Written-By – K. ODell*

A2 If You Wouldn Be My Lady

Written-By – E. Reeves*, J. Holiday*

A3 You Never Really Wanted Me

Written-By – A. Rich*

A4 A Sunday Kind Of Woman

Written-By – M. A. Rich*

A5 Peace On You

Written-By – C. Rich*

B1 The Most Beautiful Girl

Written-By – B. Sherrill*, N. Wilson*, R. Bourke*

B2 I Take It On Home

Written-By – K. ODell*

B3 Til I Can Take It Anymore

Written-By – C. Otis*, D. Burton*

B4 We Love Each Other

Written-By – B. Killen*

B5 Im Not Going Hungry Anymore

Written-By – F. Hart*

B6 Nothing In The World (To Do With Me)

Written-By – M. A. Rich*