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Oxford concise colour medical dictionary

Third edition

Elizabeth Martin, Uredio

Oxford concise colour medical dictionary

Third edition

Uredio: Elizabeth Martin

Stanje: Novo

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 20x14

Izdavač: OXF

Godina: 2003.

Stranica: 752

Jezik: Hrvatski

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Cijena: 11,90 €
(~89,66 kn)


Written by a team of medical experts, this market-leading dictionary offers clear and authoritative definitions for all aspects of medical science. It features up-to-date coverage on public health medicine, medical research and general practice, and cardiology, radiology, and dentistry among other specialist areas. This new edition has been revised and updated to reflect advancements in medical research and practice,while over 250 new entries have been added,
including American Medical Association, burden of treatment, gaming disorder, MERS, person-centred care, and Zika virus. Recommended web links and detailed illustrations complement the text, and extensive appendices offer useful lists and tables on areas such as inherited medical conditions, units of
alcohol, and abbreviations and symbols.

Selling over a million copies in previous editions, this is an essential A-Z for students and those working in the medical and allied professions, including nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, social workers, hospital administrators, and medical secretaries. It is also an invaluable home reference guide for the general reader.