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Gardner Shaw Craig, Autor

Buffy the vampire slayer

Return to Chaos

Autor: Gardner Shaw Craig

Buffy the vampire slayer

Return to Chaos

Stanje: Novo

Uvez: Meki

Format: 18x13

Izdavač: Pocket Books

Godina: 2000.

Stranica: 295

Jezik: Engleski

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Cijena: 39,00 kn


The Hellmouth (a.k.a Sunnydale, CA) has drawn vampires, witches, and other demons to its powerful vortex. Now it has also drawn the attention of an ancient sect of Druids- allies in Buffy Summers’ battle against the Undead. Cloaked in Darkness, wrapped in mystery, the Druids descend on Sunnydale ready to perform new rituals to summon forth a new world order, free from the evil that shapes Buffy’s nights