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Keith Barrow

Just As I Am

Keith Barrow

Just As I Am

Država: SAD

Godina: 1980.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: ST 12112

Stanje omota: 8

Stanje medija: 9

Cijena: 49,00 kn


A1 In The Light (Do It Better) 7:00
A2 Running On Empty (Well Travelled Man) 3:39
A3 Coming On To You 5:14
A4 Just As I Am 4:52
B1 Why Love Half The World (When You Can Love The Whole World) 7:20
B2 Tell Me This Ain Heaven 5:14
B3 Move A Little Closer 3:38
B4 Foolish Hearts 3:44
B5 Its Real