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360 Degrees New York + CD

Nick Wood, Autor

360 Degrees New York + CD

Autor: Nick Wood

Format: 18x34

Izdavač: GB

Stranica: 160

Jezik: Engleski

Cijena: 12,90 €
(~97,20 kn)

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Using a digital camera and digital imaging technology, photographer Nick Wood has developed a new way to photograph landscapes and cityscapes, placing the viewer in the center of dramatic 360 panoramas. Exploring New York and London with this equipment, he documents his favorite places. The resulting books are perfect souvenirs of great cities and intriguing photographic adventures. Each book visits famous landmarks as well as hip and popular spots off the beaten path in spectacular 360 photographs. Numerous visual details give a sense of closer involvement with a scene. The long, landscape format is suited to the style of the photographic images, and each volume has one amazing gatefold. Included with each book is a Mac- and PC-compatible CD-ROM with QuickTime movies of all the sites. 360 New York visits some of the city’s major landmarks as well as favorite spots of New York insiders. Among the many scenes captured are the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Times Square, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Waldorf Astoria, as well as the Empire Diner, the Chelsea Hotel, a firehouse, a neighborhood bar, and even a salon for New York’s most pampered dogs. The book is a virtual visit to the city in which the vibrant diversity and sense of bigness is clearly conveyed, particularly in a marvelous panoramic fold-out of the skyline at twilight.