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Understanding the Astrology of Relationships

Rod Suskin, Autor


Understanding the Astrology of Relationships

Autor: Rod Suskin

Format: 23x19

Stranica: 247

Jezik: Engleski

Cijena: 99,00 kn

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Relationships form the most fundamental aspect of our lives and reveal the innermost parts of ourselves. Synastry, a powerful tool for understanding the complex dynamics between two people, allows you to penetrate the intricate mysteries of the heart and provide invaluable insight into a couple’s future life together.

In this comprehensive guide, Rod Suskin, renowned astrologer and author of Cycles of Life, explains every essential element of relationship analysis. Starting with the natal chart and focusing on the emotional needs of each partner, you will learn to recognize behavioral patterns, identify potential challenges, predict relationship longevity, and give practical advice for making your relationship work.

Offering a step-by-step approach that blends classic and modern methods, this book will show you how to give accurate synastry readings with sensitivity and objectivity. Based on proven techniques, Synastry provides you with a thorough and logical approach to relationship analysis:

• Instructions for easily interpreting composite charts and marriage charts
• Methods for predicting when changes in your relationship are likely to occur
• Sample worksheet outlining each step of relationship analysis
• Ethical and legal considerations when providing consultations
• Over forty chart analyses of anonymous couples and celebrities

Also includes an entire chapter with expert advice on conducting a live, professional synastry reading.