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Shirley Bassey

Burn My Candle

Shirley Bassey

Burn My Candle

Država: Velika Britanija

Godina: 1976.

Medij: Gramofonska ploča

Broj labela: CN 2025

Stanje omota: 9

Stanje medija: 10

Cijena: 89,00 kn


A1 Burn My Candle
Written-By – Ross Parker

A2 Stormy Weather
Written-By – Arlen*, Koehler*

A3 How About You
Written-By – Lane*, Freed*

A4 Birth Of The Blues
Written-By – DeSylva*, Brown*, Henderson*

A5 Theres Never Been A Night
Written-By – Davis*, Schuster*

A6 My Funny Valentine
Written-By – Rodgers-Hart*

B1 St. Louis Blues
Written-By – Handy*

B2 The Gypsy In My Soul
Written-By – Boland*, Jaffe*

B3 Beale Street Blues
Written-By – Handy*

B4 My Bodys More Important Than My Mind
Written-By – Williams*, Grant*

B5 You, You Romeo
Written-By – Elton*

B6 The Banana Boat Song
Written-By – Arkin*, Carey*, Darling*

Producer – John Franz

“Electronically Created Stereo”

Made in England.
Printed in England.

Manufactured & Distributed by Pickwick International Inc (GB) Ltd.
(P) 1956 – A1
(P) 1957 – A2 & B4-B6
(P) 1958 – A4, A5, B1 & B3
(P) 1959 – A3, A6 & B2

B4 is recorded live at the Cafe de Paris, London.